Pricked Fingers & Glue: Notes on Making

Which is a repository of the mechanics of illusions and perhaps some lessons learned...

  1.  Rolled (Handkerchief) hems for finishing headwraps, hankies, chemises & anything else that needs a teeny clean hem.  Fold over about 1/4" of the fabric. Put the needle through a couple threads on the fold edge, then a couple threads on the fabric side just beyond the foldover. Repeat a few times, then pull the thread up tight. The folded over bit will be completely enclosed in a little roll and you'll have a nice period edge. This works really well on gauzy fabrics that tend to bunch up from the feeder feet on a sewing machine.
    Fold over about 1/4". Catch a couple threads on the fold edge and a couple on the fabric. Zigzag across a few times.

    Pull the thread up tight.

    Finish the whole thing and amaze your friends with your hard work.

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